Working with us

Joining Global is not just a great way to build on your experience...

It is an experience.



  • Programming

    Ultimately responsible for what happens on every show

  • News

    Research, write and present news bulletins relevant to the brand and listener

  • Commercial Programming

    Make sure all our commercial airtime stays on brand

  • Sales

    Maximising our revenue opportunity across all Global brands


  • Production

    Create and deliver promo trails and work on brand-wide programming projects

  • Scheduling

    Maximise the commercial return, making sure of the best viewer experience

Group roles

  • Digital

    Develop and build our apps and sites, managing SEO, SEM and other acronyms

  • Marketing, Events & PR

    Press releases to events, this team keeps everyone in the know

  • Charities and Communities

    Our Global Goodness team organise events and appeals to help our chosen causes.

  • Technology

    Our technology is top notch and these teams make sure it stays that way 24/7

  • People & Culture

    Look after life at work from recruitment, training, culture, pay and benefits

  • Legal

    Keep us legal, making sure OFCOM are happy with everything we do

  • Strategy

    Looking for future opportunities and new ideas to get involved in

  • Workspace

    Working across all sites to make sure our environment is in tip-top shape

  • PA's

    Making sure our key people are in the right place at the right time

  • Procurement

    Look after all assets and getting the best deals on everything we buy

  • Finance

    Make sure everything adds up and the bills get paid

Freelance work

You might not know it but our presenters and other on air talent are mostly freelance. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll be self-employed and responsible for declaring this to HMRC and for paying your own taxes. Do your homework. Find out as much as possible about the station you want to work on, paying particular attention to the style and audience. Presenter vacancies don’t come up very often, but we’re always on the look out for new talent.

Casual work

If ‘as and when’ fits your lifestyle, becoming a casual worker could be just what you need. Our casual workers get stuck into all kinds of exciting roles like our Capital Street Stars and Heart Angels, together with other promotional marketing work that keeps our listeners engaged. There are no set working patterns, so if you’re studying or have another job that only fills some of your time, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our locations

We’re based in the UK.

We have a whopping 23 towns and cities across the UK and if you work with us, you’re likely to work from just one of them but here’s a peep at where you can find us on the map.

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Working with agencies

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